• Budapest Castle gates

  • Hungarian National Gallery

  • Fireplace in the apartment

  • Hall room sofa

  • Bedroom with king-size bed

  • Middle room with fireplace view

  • Evening in Budapest. Parliament and Chain Bridge.

Welcome to Budapest!

Spend your unforgettable holiday in the center of Budapest!

Situated right in the centre of Budapest Fireplace Holidays all-season Apartment can provide you with everything you might need to discover true charms of Hungarian capital, whether it is summer or winter, short 2 days business trip or a full scale 3 weeks vacation.


Apartment info Please be our guest

Located in an historical building built in 1895, this spacious 80m2 all-seasons apartment can accommodate up to 8 people, it is perfect for couples, larger families, or groups of friends.

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Amenities Everything you need

The apartment has 3 rooms with comfortable and modern furnishings, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and a real wood fireplace.
Enjoy your stay!

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Rates Only 55€ /day!

Spend your holiday with comfort and fun, don't loose on hotel deals. Our rates are very competitive and you can save BIG especially when traveling in a large group or with a big family.

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Fantastic! You have decided to travel to Budapest this time.
What to see while visiting?

Budapest is really two cities separated by the river Danube: Buda and Pest. Buda is covered with hills and mountain, its the wealthier and more posh part of town and the one to go to if you want to see the Royal Palace, old churches and fancy mansions hidden in its hills. Located on a flat land, younger and funnier Pest is a heart of the city’s nightlife, host for hundreds of restaurants, clubs and bars.

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Health & recreation, culture and ethnicity, sport and travel - Budapest has plenty to offer.
Budapest is also special because it is the only big city in the world that is rich in medicinal water springs as well. Every day nearly 70 million liters of thermal water are coming from the 118 natural sources and bored wells at 21 to 78 °C. Bath culture has for centuries been a common everyday treasure of the city. It is exciting and relaxing, modern and traditional, and usual and special at the same time.